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Academic Doctorate Program in Education

Program’s overviews 

  • Program is composed of 8 quarters. 
  • Program has a total of 17 theoretical and practical courses. 
  • Students must present a candidacy exam. 
  • A research internship is carried out. 
  • Students must present and elaborate a Doctorate Research Thesis. 

Objectives of the program

  • The Academic Doctorate Program on Education responds to social, scientific, and educational demands of recent times, on a local, regional and international basis. 
  • Overcoming the traditional role of teachers constitutes one of the main inherent topics that society changes claim nowadays
  • Transforming teachers into a real professional who understands the specific characteristics of the educational process contextually developed. 
  • Consequently, it is urgent to increase quality of education as well as to offer specialized formation on research about educational facts, needed to generate scientific knowledge and contribute to diverse solutions on social extensions attending local, regional and international problems.

Plan de Estudio



Education on Society. 


Educational Policies Challenges. 


Educative Research Methodology: New Conceptions. 


Education and cognition. 


Educative Contexts: Socioeconomical Aspects. 


Analysis and Designing for Quantitative Research. 


Current perspectives of education. 


Educative Contexts: Sociocultural Aspects. 


Analysis and Designing for Qualitative Research. 


Educative Contexts: Curricular and Educational Management. 


Guided Research Seminar I. 


New learning scenarios. 


Guided Research Seminar II. 


Education Quality Challenges. 


Guided Research Seminar III 


Guided Research Seminar IV. 


Guided Research Seminar V. 



Graduate’s   Profile 

  • To possess knowledge of the epistemological referent on theories of education and their phenomenological relation with society. 
  • To possess knowledge on areas of intervention, the new acquaintances and democratization of ecological digital ecosystems related to educational and social phenomena on the XXI Century. 
  • To possess knowledge on current educative policies valid for national and international contexts and their impact on the educational system of Costa Rica. 
  • To possess knowledge of perceptions, dimensions and effects on the educational quality processes and their impact on society. 
  • Analyzes socioeconomical and cultural elements which impact on decision taking and designing of public policies on educational contexts. 
  • To possess knowledge of conceptions, theories and research methodologies on educational field viewed from diverse approaches and paradigms. 
  • Implements research projects on the educational field based on the selection of assumptions and theoretical elements in concordance with the selected paradigm and approach. 
  • Researches issues on the national and international educative context from an interdisciplinary perspective with the aim of dimensioning the political, economic, social and cultural

Work-related profile 

The professional graduated from the Academic Doctorate Program on Education at UISIL will be able to perform as consultant on educational topics for public and private institutions, to become consultant on educative research topics for international organizations and to fill positions on different educational institutions for regional, national and international contexts on all the different educational levels: as to elementary, primary, high school and college systems.

Addmition requirements 

To apply for the Academic Doctorate Program on Education, those interested must present and fulfill the following requirements: 

  • To present original and two copies of the Master’s Degree on Education or any related areas of study. 
  • To present the original and two copies of the High School Diploma. 
  • To conduct an interview with the director of the program. 
  • To present a copy of the resume. 
  • To fill out the inscription documents submitted by the University. 
  • To present two recent photos passport sized. 
  • To present the original and a two side copies of a valid id. 
  • To write a research article based on one of the topics of interest related to any of the educational areas. 
  • Knowledge on office suites for word process, spreadsheets, and power point presentations. 
  • To present a valid document to certify English level. 
  • For those who have foreign university degrees, degrees must come with the corresponding consulate apostilled. 
  • To present the High School Diploma or its similar, authenticated by the Costa Rican Consulate Office from the country of origin and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs according to Costa Rica´s laws and regulations, in Spanish language. Original and copy of the Master’s Degree on Education recognized and equated by the Consejo Nacional de Rectores (CONARE), by the Recognition and Equalization´s Office. (ORE). 
  • A further professional assessment on the previous studies and experience of each candidate will be held and leveling courses may be advised.

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