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Doctorate in Humanities with Terminal Option in Education



Duration: 5 semesters.

Start date: Applications open.

Price: The tuition fee is $5,960 USD.

Tuition: $500 USD

Monthly payments: $210 USD.

Modality: Virtual.

The cost includes 

  • Lodging 
  • Food for breakfasts and lunches
  • Transportation from Mexico City airport to the International University of Cuernavaca.
  • Mexico City Tour
  • Synods (Evaluators).
  • Tutors.
  • Price indicated does not include: colloquiums, tickets, visa, food, or any other additional procedure.


Entry requirements

  • Copy and original of the identity card
  • 3 passport size photos
  • Copy and original of the master's degree related to the administration career
  • Have a bachelor's and master's degree in the respective order.
  • Possess a master's degree in education and educational technology, in education and teacher training, teaching in foreign languages or related areas.


Graduation requirement

  • Comply with the curriculum.
  • Have an average of 8.0 as a minimum average.

Graduate profile

  • The Doctor of Humanities with terminal option in Education will be in the capacity:
  • Generate causal and practical knowledge from interdisciplinary analyses of educational phenomena.
  • Exercises critical and analytical thinking of different problems.
  • Develop with an innovative approach the design, planning and evaluation of cultural plans and programs.
  • Lead multidisciplinary teams in research projects.
  • Select set of conceptual references.



The International Journal "Yndicios" is the official journal of publications of the university, which enables students to publish their research globally. 

Study Plan



Doctoral Project I         

Investigation Methodology

Knowledge Society and Humanities 


Doctoral Project II
History and Culture
Education, Society and Economy 



Doctoral Project III      
Methodology for Discourse Analysis     

Optional I


Doctoral Project IV

Methodology for Discourse Analysis 

Optional II



Doctoral Project V

Optional III

Optional IV

 The subjects are given monthly and there are 15 in total. The remaining time is worked on a directed investigation.

Financing system

The financing system allows the cancellation in 24 monthly installments of $ 210 USD. 


There is attendance at two international colloquiums held at the University of Cuernavaca Mexico. In the first colloquium they defend the research topic before a body of evaluators (synods) and are assigned the tutor. In the second colloquium, the research thesis already approved by the tutor is defended before a faculty of evaluators. Colloquia are a requirement for graduation.

  • Colloquium N° 1: $750.00 + air ticket + travel insurance.
  • Colloquium N° 2: $950.00 + air ticket + travel insurance.

*Cost may vary without notice.


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