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Professional Master's Degree in Educational Administration


The Master's Degree in Educational Administration is designed so that the student can, thanks to their previous professional training, expand, acquire and develop the skills and tools necessary to assume managerial, managerial and hierarchical positions in both public and private educational environments.  Knows the organizational design and the adequate administrative articulation of the institutions so that the quality, performance and productive of the educational centers improve and adapt to the current educational demands and trends.

Duration: 4 semesters


  • To train professionals capable of directing educational institutions effectively, efficiently and productively.
  • Create in the future educational administrator skills such as management, leadership, authority, advisory capacity, optimizer of time and resources, decision making, response and direct interaction with the international educational field.
  • Develop administrative competencies and skills to expand the professionalization of learners.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the quality of the educational system.
  • Offer professionals who contribute from the educational administration to the development and progress of the country.

Study Plan


Contemporary Thinking in Education

Economics of Education

Methods / Quantitative Analysis in Educational Research

Costa Rican Public Administration


Costa Rican Educational System

Socioeconomic and Political Study of Costa Rican Education

Educational Administration I

Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods


Specialized Article

Theory of Educational Organizations

Educational Administration II

Diagnosis / Participatory Evaluation

Human Resources Management in Education


Project Formulation Operations Control

Legislation for Educational Administrators

Management, Control and Decision Making

Entry requirements

  • Copy of national card, resident card or valid passport and in good condition.
  • Copy of the bachelor's degree in Secondary Education or its equivalent, approved by the Ministry of Public Education.
  • Possess the bachelor's degree, bachelor's degree or equivalent training that authorizes professional practice in any of the specialties of education, in case of degrees obtained abroad, must have the equivalence by CONARE.
  • Demonstrate reading comprehension of a foreign language.
  • 2 recent photographs, passport size.

Graduation Requirements

  • Have passed all the courses of the curriculum.
  • Prepare the Specialized Article and approve it before the reading court.
  • Language certification or take English.
  • Have cancelled all financial obligations to the University


Specialized article $246
Revalidation of CR degrees$200
Apostilled documentation$300
Graduation right$320


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