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Business Cultural Immersion


  • Classes (Mon-Fri, 4 lessons).
  • Native teachers with extensive experience.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Duration: From 1 week to 4 weeks.
  • Airport transportation and Tours.
  • Tours and mini-tours.
  • Cultural Immersion. 
  • Certification.
  • Homestays.

Additional costs

  • Air ticket
  • Travel insurance


Undertaking a business cultural immersion internship in Costa Rica offers an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and practical experience in the field of management, especially in the context of a country with a unique business culture and a strong orientation towards sustainability and social responsibility.  This program will provide a unique experience to develop management skills and knowledge, as well as an in-depth insight into Costa Rican business culture. Participants will gain a practical understanding of how businesses are managed in a real-world environment and how management concepts are applied in a society committed to sustainability and social responsibility.


  • Describe the contributions of the main schools, approaches, and ideas of the classical thinkers in administration to have a broad vision of what administration is and to develop within it.
  • Describe the process of control or evaluation in the productive organizational life of the company for labor improvement within the company.
  • Distinguish the basic areas, phases, and functions of the administration for their application in the business process.
  • Interpret the importance that administrative science evolutionarily presents in the field of organization for the understanding of administrative processes.
  • Interpret the basic aspects of planning and business objectives, departmentalization, management, and leadership for decision-making in business processes.
  • Determine the functionality in an organization of management, leadership, and communication factors for efficient business administration.


  • Fundamentals of the theory and science of Administration.
  • Historical evolution of administrative thought.
  • Basic areas, processes and functions of the administrator.
  • Planning.
  • Direction and leadership
  • Control

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