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Professional Master's Degree in Education Sciences with Emphasis in Teaching


This master's degree offers the reinforcement of the teaching work from various methodologies and didactic processes. In addition, it aims to train teachers who at the end of the curriculum are able to be generators of change in the classrooms and in the school context in which they operate.

The Professional Master's Degree in Education with emphasis on Teaching, seeks that its participants develop a better academic performance as a professional in education, in order to develop skills for the exercise of the profession. 

Duration: 4 semesters


  • Support the quality of education through the training of human resources in Education Sciences with a major in Teaching, with the ability to build referential and application knowledge, concerning didactic pedagogical mediation.
  • To train a professional capable of designing and applying organizational models that respond to the possibilities, needs and demands of education and that enable the development of educational innovations.
  • Offer a curriculum that promotes the acquisition and strengthening of attitudes, knowledge and analytical skills necessary to clarify values and make unquestionable decisions from an ethical perspective.
  • Offer a career that allows the professional in Education Sciences, to teach with the necessary component of methodology and didactics in the transfer of knowledge, and also to be able to occupy positions at the level of management and advice, from which you can plan, direct and evaluate the curricular development and the impact of educational policy, programs, processes and institutions, with a culture of quality.

Study Plan

Philosophy of Education
Pedagogy and Educational Sciences
Quantitative Research Methods
Educational legislation
General Didactics
Social Psychology and Education
Philosophical Foundations of Integration
Specialized Article
Curriculum Design
Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods

Educational Evaluation

Comparative education
Curriculum Management
Educational Administration

Formulation and Evaluation of Educational Projects

Strategic Planning of Education Policy

Entry requirements

  • Copy of national card, resident card or valid passport and in good condition.
  • Copy of the bachelor's degree in Secondary Education or its equivalent, approved by the Ministry of Public Education.
  • Possess Bachelor of Science in Education with emphasis on I and II Cycles, Preschool, Special Education. Religious education.
  • Have a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching Spanish, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and Languages.
  • Possess a University Baccalaureate Degree related to any of the specialties that make up the areas of education without pedagogical component, either at the primary, secondary or university level. In the case of degrees obtained abroad, they must be matched by CONARE.
  • Demonstrate reading comprehension in a foreign language.
  • 2 recent photographs, passport size.
  • Degrees obtained abroad must be duly translated into Spanish (official translation).

Graduation Requirements

  • Take and approve the curriculum.
  • Prepare an article specialized in the emphasis and approve it before a reading court.
  • Have cancelled all financial obligations to the University 


Specialized article $246
Revalidation of CR degrees$200
Apostilled documentation $300
Graduation right$320

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